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Operating a business can be expensive. Between payroll, materials, taxes, and equipment costs, it is understanding that a business owner wants to lower costs to improve margins. Many business owners have asked CenoByte Technologies to show them how to reduce IT costs without sacrificing service. We advise clients to check four major areas to ensure they are maximizing results from their IT investment:

  • Internet Costs. Voice and data packages that Internet service providers are offering these days are much more competitive then just three years ago, which means businesses should annually review their Internet service and compare how they actually use it. It is not uncommon to find a 60% reduction for unused services.
  • Cellular Data. Just like ISP’s, cellular carriers also are offering more competitive plans for businesses. It is prudent to make sure international data is turned on only while traveling. Businesses have paid premiums because someone went to Mexico and forgot to turn it off when they returned. Regularly evaluate mobile device configurations to eliminate erroneous data consumption.
  • Data Storage & Retention Strategy.Businesses are storing and archiving more data electronically than ever before, this is not only challenging for IT, but also presents cost challenges associated with data warehousing. Off site storage is generally priced per gigabyte, so reducing the amount data stored can directly impact your costs. The cost of storage has been trending down for numerous years, but the accumulation of data has inversely been trending up. Do you have a process for determining which data to keep and for how long?
  • Strategic IT Plan. A fourth and finally area to review is your business’s strategic IT plan, and make sure it coincides with your business goals. Most business owners who we speak with intend on growing their business and understand the need to stay ahead of the competition by leveraging the proper use of technology. Getting together with your IT team and having a high-level discussion about how IT is going to make it possible to crush your business goals without roadblocks will accomplish two goals: First, it will help you evaluate whether you have the right people in the right seats. If you’re not sure, maybe there’s an opportunity to outsource IT functions to achieve better results at a lower cost. Second, it will help you determine what your IT budget will look like this year and beyond, so you nearly eliminate surprise IT expenses.

If you are concerned about the IT results that you business is getting for the amount that you are spending, reach out to CenoByte Technologies for a NO Cost consultation to confirm that your IT expenditures are inline with industry standards.

Save on Information Technology costs Now!

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