Microsoft’s famously successful operating system Windows XP is now well over a decade old. While about 30 percent of Windows users worldwide still rely on XP, an operating system as aged as XP can’t be supported forever, and thus, its discontinuation can be compared to a risk vs reward debate. Since April 8th, 2014 there have have been minimal security updates and no new patches, thus this effectively means that if you are still using XP your system will be left to slowly become unsecured, unreliable and incompatible with new hardware. In addition,  if you are going on-line with a Windows XP computer, you are  presenting hackers with a open invitation to collect your personal information.

Most users think the migration to Windows 7/8 requires a new computer and a complete repurchase of all software, in the majority of most cases a new computer and software upgrades are not required.  CENOBYTE Technologies has successfully upgraded numerous systems at a fraction of the cost, so let CENOBYTE Technologies show you how extended your computers life and give you piece of mind while on-line.

Windows XP End of Life – Risk vs Reward

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