Are you satisfied with your Internet Presence?
CENOBYTE Technologies maximixe your Internet Presence for you.
What is “Internet presence”?
“Internet presence” is a new term to describe everything related to the way you and your business appear online. Internet presence includes the basics – like your website – but it also includes what people are saying about you; your “online reputation”), whether or not you appear prominently when people search for the product or service that you offer, how you appear compared with your competitors, whether or not you’re getting new business leads from the Internet, and more.

Why is Internet presence important?
Internet presence is important because, today, individuals increasingly make buying decisions based on what they see or discover online. Even if they are referred to you, prospects are likely to use the Internet to find out more about you and your company before choosing to do business with you. A positive Internet presence increases the likelihood that prospects will find you and choose to do business with you, while a negative Internet presence means they either won’t find you, or they’ll choose to do business with your competitor. If you’re not getting new business leads as a result of your Internet presence, it means that your competitor is getting them instead of you.

How do we improve your Internet presence?
We improve Internet presence for you and your business by systematically making sure that the two most essential building-blocks of Internet are correctly in place and providing a positive return on investment:
Web Site Design/Management
Content Design/Administration
The technical side of this challenge has been developing at a rapid pace that ends in user frustration and project failure, CENOBYTE Technologies can eliminate this headache for you. We can create and mange upbeat web site solutions for you or your business, or we can just assist you in selecting, implementing, and training a robust Content Management system that is suited for general user level and would require only a few hours of training to grasp all the necessary functionality to administer your own site. 
Vendor/Partner Reciprocity
We search for opportunities to link your website to the vendors and partners that you work with, thereby increasing inbound links and traffic to your website.
We promote a comprehensive suite of website analytics to monitor your website and the behavior of people who visit, to help ensure that you are getting found and to increase the amount of time visitors spend on your website.
We regularly verify and update your Internet presence against new versions of web browsers as they are released, and new hand-held devices (such as smartphones and tablets) to make certain that you are visible and looking great to everyone online using any device.  
Web Hosting Services

Surely your Internet Presence, needs a carefully chosen quality server provider, CENOBYTE Technologies has partnered with a World Class Green hosting provider, GREEN GEEKS®!
GREEN GEEKS® hosting service provides world class server up-times, ergonomic control panels, fast databases, up-to-date operating systems, systematic backups and excellent support which make it easy to create and maintain vibrant websites. Let us show you how to use the tools and services of this leading edge hosting provider and provide you with a thoroughly understanding of balancing; quality and price so that you don't waste your precious time wading through trivial technical issues.
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